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Feel better with fewer aches and pains

At Sweet Wellness LLC, our primary goal is to help ease your aches and pains.  Many people report successful results by using CBD products. If you can reduce or eliminate your need for addictive drugs or damaging steroids, that's a success story that we like to hear about. 

If you suffer from things like insomnia, essential tremors, anxiety, or even generalized pain, our products may offer relief. Never quit taking your prescription medications without consulting your medical professional. 

In our Online Store, you will be able to browse a large selection of products including gummies, body balms, oils, and a targeted pain relief formula. 

Commitment to Health and Wellness

We focus entirely on health and wellness, and will never sell you a product that we deem to be potentially harmful to your health. If you are looking for an option for reducing anxiety, managing acute pain or body aches, or reducing inflammation without having to use traditional medications, Sweet Wellness LLC, CBD products may be the best fit for you. 

Our goal is to provide useful information on the use of our CBD products designed to promote your health and wellness. 

3rd party lab tested
QR codes shown

At Sweet Wellness LLC, we don't make outrageous claims about any of our products. Every person is unique and the benefits may vary with each individual.  Our products have been made with premium ingredients and accurate potencies.

All of our products are developed in-house, and third-party tested to ensure the safest and most effective product for you and your health.


 We clearly show the quantity of CBD in each item. To give you added peace of mind, the lab testing results of all of our products are posted into the QR code on each and every label. 

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