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CBD/Eucalyptus - Energizing Massage Oil

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Brand: Sweet Wellness

The most noted benefits of eucalyptus include stimulation of the immune system and improved function of the circulatory system. Some people find using it relieves their asthma and sinusitis. Others just feel energized by the fresh, clean scent. The addition of hemp derived CBD may be just what you need to melt your worries away. Add a few drops to your bath for a fragrant spa experience, or use generously as a moisturizer and whole body therapeutic massage oil.

Strength: 1 oz - 200 mg of CBD per Bottle

2 oz - 400 mg of CBD per Bottle

4 oz - 800 mg of CBD per Bottle

Usage: Shake well before using. Can be added to bath water for a fragrant spa experience. Also used as a moisturizer and a therapeutic massage oil.

Category: CBD Oils, CBD Wellness, CBD for relief

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